How to bring additional static data to Insights?

Is there a way to insert additional static information in insights? We would like to calculate the savings based on the local savings rate and not on a generic one.
since we have several bots the idea is to have it as an new data source. Can someone explain me how I can do this with out developer rights. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Hello @Hamann_Annette_MTG-CF,

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You can achieve this by modifying the formulas used in the widgets on ROI Dashboard. But you will need designer rights to modify the formulas on widgets.

More Details here.

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Thank you Nithin, the challenge is that we have the same Process ID but the executing countries have different hour rates. So I need to incl. that the rate is depending on the local hourly rate. Do you have an idea, too? The country information are included in a specific data field incl. other information. So ideal the savings would be calculated based on the filter. :slight_smile:
Thank you in advanced.
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Hello @Hamann_Annette_MTG-CF,

Then you will have to duplicate the exisiting ROI dashboard / widgets as per need and modify the formulas / configurations on those widgets. UiPath Insights is based on Sisense you can refer to thier documentation for help: Introduction to Dashboards

Hope this helps ! Kudos :slight_smile: