Consolidated View for Custom dashboard in Insights

We have created many custom dashboards in Insights. It’s normal practice to calculate ROI based on transaction number. Each use case have different definition of transaction. Now we would like to create consolidate dashboard to calculate ROI, FTE saving, annual savings etc. in single dashboard.

As UiPath Insights has limitation, can’t join custom tables. Can you please help us how to create consolidated view of custom dashboard.

Hi, could you help here?

hi @mehulkumarshah, if you’ve used custom fields from per-process or per-queue tables, unfortunately you cannot join those metrics in one calculation. However, you’re free to create different widgets from those unique tables on the SAME dashboard, you just can’t add the values together. If you have a way to leverage the fields from the main tables, that would be your best tip to create a consolidated view. However, in our future releases of the product we are solving this issue so I would recommend avoiding a lot of custom logic.

Thanks Michelle for your reply. Any high level timeline like 2022.10 release ?