How to avoid Uipath Creating Subfolders for saving mail messages?

I have a problem.My workflow is creating a mail folder for storing the mail for a particular sender. For eg. if thse sender is say Lokesh,R/US/EXT it is creating a folder SMART,BOT with subfolders US and again EXT and then only saving the mail message inside there. How can i avoid this and instead save the mail in the name folder itself??? Any suggestions?

try to replace “/”, because slash creating new folders

As suggested by @pllo2ptk
You cannot use / in filename.
{\ / : * ? " < > |} is the set of characters which are not allowed in filename.

It is creating the folder names based on one who’s sending the mail, the sender name is like this SMART,BOT/US/EXT. Hence it is creating subfolders. Is there any way to avoid it??

yes, you can always replace “/” with - or with ,

/ is not allowed char in the folder name/file name