E-Mail Attachements

Morning All

I have the below sequence.

Now I want the e-mails to be saved in a folder named as the sender (From)
So I added

Now when I run it says I have an illegal character and can’t work it out

If I leave the + mail.from.tostring part out it saves it to the folder path I have designated but I need them to go into a folder by sender, will it create the folder if it doesn’t exist?

Don’t use parenthesis, you can directly use

"D:\UiPath SAve Attachments" + Mail.From.ToString + "\"


Please remove paranthesis…

use below:

“D:\UiPath Save Attachements”+Mail.From.ToString+""

still giving me the same, could it be as its the e-mail address (From) could it be the @ not being allowed as a folder name


Please rename “Mail.from.tostring” to “Mail_from.tostring”. I hope “.” might be an issue.

My bad use this


you should use Email.From.Address. Hope this helps.


I have managed to get it to save to a folder based on the subject using mail.subject.tostring so thats fine, I think as from when you do a write line returns and my email address there are characters that are not allowed in folder structure

That works:)