How to avoid Text format (ex: 2-13) converting to Date format (02/13/2019) when writing in Excel

  1. an Web browser URL has an data in this format 2-13, 4-6 and using Data Scraping building an Data Table.
  2. the Write line for the Data table output (Scrapped Data) shows the output (in UiPath) in same format 2-13, 4-6 as in URL.
  3. But, when writing the Data table output in to an excel sheet using Write Range, it is getting converted into Date format as 02/13/2019 , 04/06/2019.

How to avoid converting into Data Format?

Please advise.

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Hi @Gopi_R

in for each row

assign row(“Column Name”)=CStr(row(“ColumnName”).ToString

Try this and check it out

Ashwin S

Hi @Gopi_R

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—hope you have saved the variable obtained after Data scrapping named outdt (for example)
— the. Use a for each row loop and pass the above variable outdt as input and within which use a assign activity like this
row(“yourdatecolumnname”) = row(“yourdatecolumnname ”).ToString
Now use a write range and pass the datatable variable and try to write into a excel

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Gopi_R

Hi @AshwinS2 ,

It didn’t work. same result. Thanks for your reply.

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thank you for your Welcome :slight_smile:

Using the default variable : ExtractData Table in Data Scrapping.
I tried using For each and used assign activity with below one

row(“yourdatecolumnname”) = row(“yourdatecolumnname ”).ToString

and even the below one didn’t work.

row(“Column Name”)=CStr(row(“ColumnName”).ToString

in both of the value I had used the Column Name in my Table.

Thanks for your kind help.

Hmmm … fine
—let’s do one thing try to write that to a cvs file and then let’s try to convert that to excel followed by a datatable
—once the datatable is ready with the data use a write csv activity and pass the datatable as input and mention the file path of a cvs file, mention the delimiter as comma and enable the add headers property so that a csv file will be written
— now use a read csv file and pass the same file path as input and get the output with a variable of type datatable named finaldt
—now use this finaldt as input in write range

Hope this would help you
Kindly correct me If I m wrong
Cheers @Gopi_R


I had tried csv format before, it didn’t work.

Even now I tried to do the same. But it is getting converted to Date format both in csv and excel file.

In for each row loop that we used earlier to convert that to a string use like this
row(“yourcolumnname”) = “=TEXT(“+row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString+“, “+”dd-MM”+”)”
And then pass this datatable as input to write range activity
Cheers @Gopi_R

With this Assign Value “=TEXT(“+row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString+“, “+”dd-MM”+”)”

I am getting below one :


inside cell value of #NAME? in excel shows as =TEXT(2, dd-MM)

But I had modified your assign value as row(“EQPSC UNIT”).ToString+“,"

and I am able to get required output but with comma separator. If I do remove the comma separator it gives me in Date format.

Output :

I had tired two options earlier but manually.

  1. after writing the data to an excel, I can custom the cell value for a particular column to m-d in excel then it changes to 2-22 but inside cell value it will be in Date format.

  2. After writing the extracted output to an excel, I had copied the particular column value to an Notepad and again pasted it back to excel file. This time it didn’t show the cell value in Date format. But as 2-22.

To avoid these manual work, I am trying to get help from you guys. Since I have multiple data in multiple excel files.