How to avoid Text format (ex: 2-13) converting to Date format (02/13/2019) in Excel

  1. an Web browser URL has an data in this format ex : 2-13, 4-6 and using Data Scraping building an Data Table.
  2. the Write line for the Data table output (Scrapped Data) shows the output (in UiPath) in same format 2-13, 4-6 as in URL.
  3. But, when writing the Data table output in to an excel sheet using Write Range, it is getting converted into Date format as 02/13/2019 , 04/06/2019.

How to avoid converting into Data Format?

Please advise.

NOTE : I have tried in RPA Dev Rookies and not able to get a solution.


Hi @Gopi_R

Use row(“column name”)=cint(row(“column name”)


Hi @Gopi_R

You can try converting it to String before writing.

  • Add a new column to the DT
  • Use For Each Row activity to loop through the DT
  • within the loop, add the converted data to new column

Row(“NewColumn”) = row(“oldColumn”).ToString

After the loop, use write range and see whether it works