How to Automate running PowerShell as Admin Inside Remote Desktop Machine


  1. I would like to run the PowerShell Scripts as admin inside Remote Desktop machine, please let me know the steps
    Note: I installed RDP run time in Remote Machine and these scripts cannot be run from Local Machine
  2. When I try to work on PowerShell console, it throws needs “elevated privileges” and try launch studio as Admin even though I launched Studio as admin

Please help as My Automation needs to run lot of PowerShell scripts inside RDP

Hi @Phanindra_Talasila

Checkout this link


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Thanks @Sudharsan_Ka

These tutorials works when we want to have Studio and running the Powershell scripts from same machine

But my scenario is, Studio is on one machine from this machine I would like to run PowerShell scripts on Remote Machine…These scripts must run and execute on Remote machine, not from local