UiPath Robot execution through Powershell remotely

Hi Team,

I am facing issue while running UiPath Bot through PowerShell script inside remote machine.

The issue occurs when I try to execute PowerShell script from local machine, it starts the Robot execution in background (No activities visible on screen) and fails. On the other hand when I execute PowerShell script manually, the Robot runs properly with all activities visible in foreground.

For reference, UiPath is installed on remote system and we are simply try to run Robot from local system.

Could you please assist us on this issue?


Hi @apoorva.srijan,
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Can you please show us the PowerShell script used for this? Please also describe step-by-step every action you are doing when running script remotely and manually.

Great help guys.

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@apoorva.srijan please have a look on this video. this might help you!!!

How to invoke UiPath xaml file from PowerShell