How to Automate Microsoft form Reponses with Excel data using uipath? How to use drop down and date picker options for recording data in microsoft forms

Below is the excel file sample data.

Employee Name Department Name Joining date
Kumar Legal 01-07-20
Santosh IT 18-08-20
Ranu Finance 15-05-20

Department name is drop down feature in Microsoft forms and Joining date is calendar date feature in Microsoft forms.

Below is the survey link that i have used to record responses.

Output file
Sample output file Microsoft forms Automation.xaml (15.0 KB)

I tried to use select element for recording department name drop down feature in Microsoft forms but same not working. Its showing error as This control does not support select item.

Hi Any update

Hi Any update no reply from forum since 6 months. Please also confirm if this solution is not possible at all.