Regression testing in uipath studio

If we upgrade our uipath studio version to a new version, and then we want to check whether there is any change in code or not, and to do regression testing.
Can anyone tell me hoe to do regression testing in uipath.

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Hello @Atisha_Raikar, welcome to the UiPath Forum.

Pls help me understand your question a little better.
UiPath Test Suite will allow you to do Application Testing (testing Software applications) and RPA Testing (testing your automated processes).
To get a quick overview on our Test Suite I would recommend to have a look at our Youtube playlist.

Are you planning to test your software applications or your process automations?

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Hi @ThomasStocker ,

I am upgrading my studio license, so I want to test whether it affects the functionality of the process or not.
Please let me know if you have any idea on this.

Thank you

Hi @Atisha_Raikar ,

understood. Our RPA Testing capabilities might come in handy here.
They allow you to create automated Test Cases for your process automation, and run them frequently.

Assuming that you have Orchestrator 20.4 onwards, StudioPro and TestingRobot licenses, You typically would start the following way:

  1. Open your RPA projects in Studio Pro and create automated Test Cases for it
  2. Publish your Test Cases to Orchestrator and create a Test Set on Orchestrator
  3. Run your Test Set frequently and observe the result within the Test Execution section

A quick start on RPA Testing that might help can be found here.

If there are any further questions, pls let me know.

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