How to automate getting data on transactions?


I want to build a dashboard that shows how many transactions have been (successfully) processed by a robot each month. In specific, I am looking for data for each transaction (successful and not successful) a robot takes, a timestamp and a possible exception reason.
So far, I am downloading this data in the form of a .csv file manually from the orchestrator.

Is there another way to get this data automatically? Maybe with the use of APIs or building a robot that fetches said .csv? Does anyone have a solution for or experience with this?



UiPath Insights provides functionality to create these types of dashboard. Moreover it contains many templates which can directly fit your needs.


To mention a few options

  • ORC REST Call
    we suggest to have a closer look at the export endpoint

You can alos inspect what is done within Orchestrator and Rest Api

  • ensure that you a navigated to the Queue, where you have the export button
  • open Browser F12 Web tools
  • switch to Network Analysis
  • Click on the Export button
  • Look for the entry within the network record

Inspect the details

Also have a look here:

Requests a CSV export of filtered items.

Hi @anja.dinkel - Orchestrator - API References