Orchestrator http request - how to get results? differences to http request?

Hello all,
I have been searching for some days here in the forum in different topics but I don’t understand the issue:
I want my robot to get informations (assets and transaction items) from the Orchestrator using ‘Orchestrator http request’. The robot is intended to store the informations regularly (daily/monthly) in a file.
But my result is every time like a html-document of the Orchestrator-web-page and not a json with the information I need. Are there any steps needed before I use Orchestrator http request? Something like authentification? I thougt, my robot is known to the Orchestrator and the robot-role on Orchestrator is allowed to view on assets, transactionitems and all the other things.

Or is it necessary to use ‘http request’? I think, this is for requesting information from other services and not from the Orchestrator. Or are there othere differences to the Orchestrator http request?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @mm1904

U can check the difference between normal API request and orchestrator http request as per the article.

API in Automation Integration

Before calling the orchestrator API in studio, u first had to configure the orchestrator giving the permission to edit , create , delete assets queues, etc.

But if u are using orchestrator API via
postmann u need to get authentication token which would be active for around 24 hrs.

To get more information about orchestrator API usage u can check out this channel.

Hope it helps you


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Thank you for your links, the videos helped me to handle the jsons I get.
And I solved my problem: in Orchestrator http request you only have to set the relative endpoint like “odata/Assets” and not the whole path like “yourOrchestratorURL/odata/assets”. The whole path is necessary in web http request.


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