How to automate desktop legacy application?

Hello All,

I’m trying to automate a desktop legacy application, Where I couldn’t get any button Id’s or other attributes for any buttons. When ever I use Click Activity, Whole screen of that application is being selected.

I don’t want to automate this application based on position of the button as it will not be a reliable way, rather I want to automate it in a dynamic way.

I’m trying to click on Take Away button, However I can’t get ui elements of that button.

Can anyone please suggest how to automate these kind of applications. I’m attaching screenshots for reference.

Any help or leads is much appreciated.

Hello @Karthik23

Is it a java application??

If yes, try to install the java extension and do it once.



Click based on Image, or Click Text, or Click OCR Text.

It is a Orcale product.

I tried the mentioned activities, But no luck sometimes the bot is working and sometimes the bot is failing to detect. As there are no proper selectors hence I couldn’t fine tune them.

Change with F4 and explore also other UiFrameworks when it was not already done

What is the difference between the times it works and the times it doesn’t? I’ve done many image recognition automations and it works fine if done correctly.

Hi @Karthik23 ,

As you mentioned it is very old legacy application did you check if the send hot keys helps to automate the process. Most of the legacy applications allow send hot keys. Please try and let us know. Thanks.