How to automate creation of graph from excel data source

Hi Team,

Is there a package or existing activity you may share on how to create a graph from a data source such as excel file? We want to achieve is to automate to create a graph out of a file. Thanks

If you want to create a graph you can insert a vbs that will do it .
If you want help just upload sample excel file + which graph you want to create and I can build a vbs for you :slight_smile:

hi @JuvRPA

Sure thing! however the data source will be dynamic. meaning data source might have a different format from one another. I was thinking to have a dialog box to have the user the option to choose what kind of metrics he/she wants to illustrate as graph. check the sample file…Sample File.xlsx (31.9 KB)

Thanks in advance.

@JuvRPA any updates?