How to automate Canvas application

I am doing automation in java desktop application. I installed java extension and enabled java bridges. I am getting proper response from all the window in Java application(awt). But one window designed by zcanvas. That window i am not able to select particular options(box). In that window (Zcanvas) uipath is selecting the whole window but i need to select the some options inside the window. Please help me to find a solution.

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already has a solution for this? I also have the same case. Needs automate particular element in the web which uses canvas

Hi @tibyan.ralibi ,

You have to deal with ui explorer and find out the correct selectors for the particular element so that you can access that particular ui element. Try exploring branch by branch in the tree view of explorer and highlight to understand you have reached the ui element you are looking for it is tedious task but you will achieve. Thanks.

UiPath Explorer.

In my case, I need to click or hover a particular bar in the graph (please refer to the image). But if we look the html element branch, no element found that refers to the bar.

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Hi @BNK, in Java, (as in other languages) canvas are just whiteboards where stuff is drawn. There are no JComponents attached to the elements drawn inside so there may be no other way to interact with it other than image automation or automation using Clicks and Types on the whole objects, with exact coordinates. (How to differentiate each square boxes in Java desktop application). Maybe there is another way the app can render that data.

The same thing is standing for browsers. Elements drawn inside a canvas are not connected to any javascript HTMLElement object, they are just lines drawn on a screen, so the same methods are recommended in your case.

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