How to differentiate each square boxes in Java desktop application

In Java Desktop appplication I need to choose single square box from multiple boxes in a window .But It is choosing whole window. I am not able to get selector for each box. It is choosing whole window.

I installed Java package from Manage package and Java bridge

I received below selector

<wnd app=‘jops.exe’ cls=‘SunAwtFrame’ title=’*’
<java name=’[15J] Top View ’ role=‘internal frame’
<java cls=‘ZCanvas’ role=‘AWT component’

Hi @BNK ,

It looks like the app you are talking about is based on this framework: GitHub - kkieffer/jZELD: Java Swing Framework for layout and emplacement of various ZElements (drawn shapes and other more complex items) on a canvas (the ZCanvas) that supports a z-plane layer. (or something similar). From the source code, it seems that ZCanvas does not expose any child element, it only draws them on the screen when requested. Considering this, without having the support for Accessiblity implemented in that framework, I am afraid you won’t be able to go down that hierarchy.

Hi @BNK,

Do you mean the whole application window or the whole window within the Java app?

If it is the entire application window, you may not have the Java extension on UiPath. This can be installed similarly to the browser extensions.

If it is the window within the Java app, try minimising the background windows and then indicate your item. If you’re using the same instance I have used previously, I noticed that the background windows tend to get in the eay of the foreground ones, and minimising the background ones will allow you to make selectors.

Edit: If you could supply some screenshots that would be helpful.

hi @william.coulson @vlad.coteanu
Please refer below screen shot


I need to choose one box but uipath selecting the whole window

I installed Java bridges,Java extension.
Only this box part only i am facing issue. Rest of the things in application i am getting proper response.