How to autofit Excel columns without VBA or third party packages


I need help with changing the width of the columns for my final reports. The report merges 11 other reports into a single excel report. Once merged I want to Autofit the columns. I tried using Invoke VBA and calling in the code but the client has disabled the macros.

Error - “Invoke VBA: Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted”.

They also block any third party packages such as BalaReva.Excel.Activities.
I read I might be able to use Invoke code or Invoke Script but haven’t been able to find any examples. Any help would be appreciated.

thank you

Turn this setting on in Excel to make this work.

If this doesn’t solve, we can go through the other route.

Unfortunately infosec has disabled macro’s and we’re unable to turn them on.

@jsilvestre - You can use StudioX feature in Studio…

To see StudioX activities , choose StudioX in Filter option in “Activities” tab

Hope this helps…

@prasath17 , As always you are the Guru.

Thanks for the information!

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