How to autofill or repeat the cell value in Pivot table

I am reading the data from Excel Pivot table using excel process scope ‘Read Range’ activity and assigning to the datatable.

Pivot table data looks like this

The issue is when assigning this to the datatable, ‘CustomerGroup’ column value is empty for all the rows excpet A4. Because of this i am not able to filter the datatable based on CustomerGroup, since Datatable don’t know that Row A5 also belongs to “Alibaba CSP”.

Is there any way to auto fill the empty cell or repeat the value of the cell to other rows so that it is easy to identify?
Can this be done using excel Pivot options? i am ok with that also.

Please suggest and thanks in advance

Hi @raja.raviraj ,

Please select ‘Repeat All Item Labels’ under Report Layout in the Design tab as shown in below screenshot,

Hope this might help you :slight_smile:

Thank you …this helps

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