How to auto fill formula without MACRO

Hi All,

I have an excel data of 5000+ records. I have formula in 2nd row (consider X2), i need to perform auto formula update. I tried UiPath activity Auto fill formula, it is time consuming. I have also tried Macro, but im hoping to see if we have any other solution other than these 2

apricate all help

Hi @Dipali_Gomes , welcome to the community

As per your question when you say Macro, i assuming in an excel? if yes, we have another way out using invoke code where in we can write our code. Please find below xaml file

I have used excel where column C2 will contain formula and the xaml file update the formulas to column C dataset (9.2 KB)

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Thank you for quick reply.
I ran your uipath code. This solution is what i have been looking for

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