EXCEL Write Cell / Auto Fill

Sheets is in Shifting report
i needed help in A B C D How can i auto fill where A and B can be auto fill
while C should be 30/3/2021 while D is just DAY using Studio ?
ITT1 collation 2021.xlsx (915.5 KB)

Hi @CoolRobot

You can implement this in the same way we discussed on another thread

Use 3 autofill range activites

  1. for a and b columns fill
    2.for c column fille
  2. for d column fille

but how can i write to C where say this cell is 30/3/2021 and D is Day ?

Hello @CoolRobot,

Use activity Auto Fill Rang, example in below link,

Source range : column A2 and column B2
Destionation range : A2:A10(please provide last cell number of column u want to auto-fill)


The cell c11033 and d11033 have already values right ,so it will automatically get filled.
if it does not have values you can use write cell activity to write values and then use auto fill range activity

is this correct
that what i through also
now is taking a while to debug

actually i need to write to c11034 and d11034 with a new value
with Dates and Day

use write cell and in range give “C11034” and after that do auto fill from that cell

what about the if condition ?

this is what i wrote as i want it also to use from last row and paste to

did you get any error?

there no error only thing is still running for 30min already

Please share the workflow and excel file I will try frok my side thanks…

Shifting summary.xaml (64.5 KB) ITT1 collation 2021.xlsx (831.1 KB)

sure there u go i wan it to fill in A- D row !

I realize i have replace a lot and i need to close now for this as i am now needed to load directly from email body