How to authenticate via SSO to O365 for exchange get mail messages activity

I want to use the Get Exchange Mail Messages activity but we have configured Office 365 with SSO.

I wasn’t sure what Server url to use for Office 365 to begin with but I’ve used
image which seems to be “working” because I get a 401 error: “The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.”

Is SSO auth supported for this activity?

I’ve tried with Domain, Password, and User in the Logon section of the Properties pane and I’ve tried leaving them blank (and in varying combinations :slight_smile: ).

Any help is much appreciated, even ideas. Thank you!


Hi @kellen,

Hope this could help you:

A 401 Unauthorized Error indicates that the requested resource is restricted and requires authentication, but the client failed to provide any such authentication, so I would check the user and/or the password used.

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Hi @Susana,

Thank you so much for responding. The trouble is that our Office 365 instance is set up with SSO. I am assuming that the Get Exchange Mail Message activity is configured to use basic auth. That type of authentication won’t work with SSO so that’s the trouble.

I did double check my password and try several variations of domains and usernames.

Are you aware of how the Get Exchange Mail Message activity is trying to perform authentication? Is it using basic auth? Does it support any other types of authentication?

The real issue here may just be my lack of understanding how our Office 365 SSO is configured - perhaps there is an endpoint I can hit that is set up with basic auth and I just need to have a non-human id configured.



Hi @kellen

Would this topic give you a clue?

Maybe it is possible for your SSO provider to generate an app password for you?

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Did you find a way to work with Office365 ? I’m in same situation

Hi All,
I am having exchange server 15 but I am using 13 from the Send exchange, but the error remains the same.

Autodiscover isn’t working as well.

From my experience is (Im assuming you are going the unattended route), if it requires SSO, normal activities wont work. Talk with your O365 administrator to grant you access to O365 graph api for mail. Then just go through the API steps

My User password both are correct by still showing same error.
as a user account i am using my email id, should i use email id of exchange server in user field or User id in AD, Our exchange server is synch with AD.
Please reply.