Get Exchange Mail Message 401 unauthorized

Hey, I build a process that reads e-mails from a mail user and creates orders based on the mails. It was working for almost 3 Months until today.
Since today I am getting the error “401 unauthorized” (screenshot).
I am using studio version 2022.4.3 and my packages are up-to-date. I made sure that the credentials I am using are correct. My settings of the “Get Exchange Mail Message” Activity are:

User: “
domain: “mydomain”
password: “mypasswd”

Exchange Settings:
Exchange discovery: “
Exchange Version: 2013

Folder: “Inbox”
Shared inbox: “

Thanks for your help. If u need more information let me know.

Are you using Office 365? They are in the process of ending Basic Authentication and if your domain has been subjected tot he change, you’ll need to use the UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365 package and us the Office 365 Scope activities to access email.

I am not using Office 365. But thanks for the advice