Send Exchnage Mail activity

I have returned 401 authorization error while I am using send exchange mail activity ,can anyone tell me about send exchange mail activities are running properly in production also…

Hi @Rammi,
Please check if you have correctly filled out these attributes:

Thanks for the reply @Pablito I have given correct credentials only but the error what I got is
(Send Exchange Mail Message: The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.)

Do I have an authorization to interact with the server via send exchange mail activity or any mail integration for exchange server is required

Error 401 usually means that your username or password is wrong. Eventually you don’t have proper rights to access this server.


Yeah, My username and password are correct , maybe my company server may be stopping me to send the mails … I will check with them…Thank you @Pablito for the quick response.

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Hi All,
I am having exchange server 15 but I am using 13 from the Send exchange in the UiPath, but the error remains the same.

Autodiscover isn’t working as well.

Configuration is done as per the above suggestions.