How to attach HTML template in mail body?


anyone the flow? sample workflow?

thank you.


Hi @Venkatesh_Chowdary,

I guess that you should save the HTML Template file in a path of your computer and then, put that path in the attachment of the mail. Have you tried this ?


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Hi @Venkatesh_Chowdary

Below you will find a workflow that does exactly that. Just correct the errors to your template path and correct receiver, then you should be good to go.

MailBodyAsHTML.xaml (7.2 KB)

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Hi @stevengoehler

i tried this but it is not working.

thank you.

hi @Pablo_Sanchez

i tried this. it is not working.

thnk you.

Hi @Venkatesh_Chowdary,
You can use Read Text file activity to read the html file and then use its output as the body of the email. Kindly refer the attached workflow.

Hope it helps.

Jyotsna (2.1 KB)


thank you @Jyotsna. working.