How to insert HTML code to UIpath SMTP send mail body

Hi All,

I want to send Email template attachment code under UI path SMTP send mail activity Body, I have d tried several ways of doing but I failed . Appreciate your kind attention on this regards

Here attached my sample “html code”
test.html (4.4 KB)

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Hi @Duleepa_Krishan,

Have you set IsBodyHtml to True?


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Hi Gustavo, Yes I did ! , the thing is I have no Idea to how to put the html code to “Send SMTP Mail Message” Body , its get error when html code insert.

Pls pls refer to the attachment.

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Hi @Duleepa_Krishan, UiPath string cannot take multi-line text as a string value.

Save your HTML in the text file and read using the Read Text File activity.

One more solution is using Create HTML Content activity. Check out Create HTML Content

Hi Rajesh, thanks for your reply, I did as you suggested under read text file activity and it will not work its out put same html code .

And I don’t have an idea to perform the HTML content activity part will you able to help on this matter pls .

Thanks in advance

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Try this

Hi @Duleepa_Krishan,

Actually, the real problem is your HTML code.

Use a Read Text File activity and point to a html file that the content is only:

<h1 style="color:Tomato;">Hello World</h1>

Then store it in a variable and use as input in the Send SMTP Mail Message activity and set the property IsBodyHtml to True.

You will see that you will receive the email as expected.

So, I suggest you review your HTML file.

Work Done Thanks Gustavo and much appreciate !

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My pleasure @Duleepa_Krishan :slight_smile:

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