I can't attached picture into HTML mail body

I am trying to attach picture into HTML body that I am sending. But in send mail is only empty space.

HtmlContentDHL.html (7.2 KB)


Did you attach the image to mail and used img tag?


Sorry but I don’t know a lot about this stuff. I only done what you can see in Attached HTML

Hi @tomaz

What activity have you used to attach the image to body of the mail?


Have you tried with create html content activity @tomaz ?

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I Only done that
The DHL_Html email is the attached file
For creation of HTML I used UiPath HTML tool

Hey @tomaz ,

Have a look on this.


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I have Try this but still have the same problem.

Yes this is how I create HTML

Hi @tomaz,

But it works for me…
I have placed the images in subfolder instead of main folder. Kindly verify this point and let me know if need any assistance.

Manoj Vijayakumar