How attach files using a paths located in a excel with Send Outlook Mail Message activity

Hello everyone,

I would like to know how to insert a path which is located in a excel file as an attachment using Send Outlook Mail Message activity.

All the paths in column E are PDF files, So I would like to include one by one as attachment in every email in column F.

I try like this:


Check the valid name of the column attachment. You placed value row("Attachment ").toString. Is it correct? Shouldn’t be row(“Attachment”).toString?

Second option maybe is stupid but try open manually one of that links - maybe there is sth wrong with those paths… :wink:

Try also with this one: Trim(row(“Attachment”).toString)

Well, I check the name of the column and the name in the Value, and its the same

I copy and paste the path from the excel in any directory and it open the PDF

the Trim(row(“Attachment”).toString) did not work

@david.grijalba - Could you please do the writeline of row("Attachment ").toString and see what value it is printing??

Please try : row("Attachment ").toString.trim


I got the same issue, by the way I change to column name with space at the end.

@david.grijalba - Please could check this…

Some of the files in the below screenshot has .pdf.pdf – is that the right filename??


Well, the problem here is the next, column “Attachment” is a concatenate formula which included "PATH " + “/” + “PDF NAME”

But the \ is not been reading



@david.grijalba - Can you share a sample text for the concatenation to debug the issue??

You can also try:

    row("PATH").toString+"\"+row("PDF NAME").toString