How to assign query with the script which is already copied to clipboard via Excel Macro buttonn?

Hi all, I’m a new learner in UiPath. I am trying to automize my excel template for the daily data reportand, and I have encountered a puzzling problem. Couly you please give me a hand?

Here is the situation:
In an Excel workbook, I click the button (already assigned with Macro script) “Copy SQL Script To Clipboard”. Then I’d like to use UiPath to execute the copied SQL Script. As you konw, next I will use the Funtion “Assign”. Usually, I can just press “Cltrl +V” to paste the script into the blank after “=”
However, the copied SQL Script varies from day to day, and I have to exceute the Script every day.
So how can I make the query execute different scripts without manually pressing “Ctrl+V”?
Maybe it involves the combination of dynamic query assignment and hot key. I’m not sure.

I’ll appreciate if you can offer some suggestions.

You can use various clipboard activities. As your script text is already copied to clipboard you can use “Get from clipboard” to get the script text in a variable.
You can assign the value of variable easily in assign instead of ctrl+V.
Other clipboard activities are- Copy Selected Text and Set to Clipboard

Thanks for the reply. I use “Get from clipboard” and define its output as a variable “content”. Then I assign query as = “content” and run it. But the process fails. This is the sequence:

copy script and excute it in Orcale SQL.xaml (6.2 KB)
Did I create the sequence properly?