Copy data

Hi Team,

I need to copy sql query output to excel file. But the output of sql query coming in row, so same row i need to copy paste but while paste i need to paste data in the column wise not row wise in excel.


Are you using UiPath activities to execute the SQL query @sshitol?

Actually, if you use activities in uipath, the output will be a data table. Can you elaborate your issue like where you are getting the row output?

yes I am using uipath activity and the op is datatable. But datatable output is coming row. While pasting that row into excel, I want to paste that row as column in excel means horizontal to vertical copy pasting of data.

I’m confused with you explanation @sshitol

You want the value of each row to be pasted into the column of the excel?


For Transpose row to column

Refer below post … it may help you

Yes right