How to and where to learn Vb.Net Expressions/functions

i am learning uipath through academy, Goind deeper and deeper i can see that We using expressions more and more in our activities.

I have zero coding background, is their a way to learn these expressions or any source where i can find these expressions.

Examples i meant by - “item.ToString.Substring(0,2).ToLower”
i can’t understand the meaning of this expression, so is there a way or source to learn the functions/ Expressions.

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Just use the Microsoft documentation for any .NET stuff.

Hello @Bhagyaraj_Digumarthi

It’s possible (speaking from experience here). UiPath Studio is low code but not really ‘no code’. You still need to understand a lot. Think of UiPath as a big ‘tool’ - with a very big manual. Don’t be put-off though - some of it is easy, some is not so easy. Just start simple and give yourself time :wink:

You need to read and watch tutorials to grasp concepts before you can use them correctly. Like different variable types (What is a: string, boolean, int32, datatable, dictionary). See my Tips at the bottom of this post.

The below posts will help you understand your question in a simple way but may not fully explain it.
String Manipulation:

I have attached a few of the best Forum Posts which act as refreshers and may be suitable for new users. I would strongly recommend bookmarking/save and reference all the posts I have shared.

Additional Posts on some RPA fundamentals:



You must make notes that will help you embed what you learn with each bot - Start a Word Document - “UiPath Notes.docx”

Simply, you will need to read a book and practice. Take a look at this video from @AndersJensen

Whether you buy and read this book or not, this is the adventure you are about to go on:

Practice Building Bots => More skills + Exposure => More Advanced Bots => Review designs/simplify/share for feedback => More skills => Practice Building Bots

Here is a Video Tutorials on how to Learn RPA and UiPath from the great @AndersJensen;

Subscribe to his channel, watch as many videos as you can, the best content on YouTube (but that’s another post)

Some tips
You need to get familiar with finding the UiPath documentation - luckily its very easy to find (just watch this).

When you are in UiPath Studio use ‘Ctrl + Space’ as this will bring up your options and help you understand the syntax in UiPath. (See this video at @3:15 from @RPAForEveryone)
Read the ‘intellisense’ carefully. If you can master the ‘intellisense’ you can get ahead in RPA fast. The below example, is showing what is needed to keep the syntax/language ‘happy’ in UiPath.
A lot of your learnings will commit to memory from ‘trying and failing’.

Use the ‘Locals Panel’ and ‘Immediate Panel’
They can really help you debug a problem and test / try things.
Watch these videos:

I invite the community to further reply to your post with their advice and tips.

Hopefully this helps :blush:




thankyou @ppr

Thankyou @Steven_McKeering

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