How to adjust the image and table aspect in email?

I’m designing a feature for daily mail automation and the data source is a chart taken from excel. When I paste the data behind the text, I find that the chart takes up too much space and would like to be able to adjust the length, width and height of the image or table via UiPath.


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How you are pasting this? Are you using HTML for creating the body?
If not I suggest to build a email template using HTML Tags and there you can easily control the table and height and width as well

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I just need to get the table data (including table style) in the circles and paste it into outlook mailbox.

I have tried using the “Take Screenshot” activity, but it takes a screenshot of the entire worksheet.

My final requirement is that I want to match pivot tables, charts, table contents in excel in order and text, then store them in outlook and send them automatically.