How to Add Table 3 and table 4 on the excel if available

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I have situation issue where, there is a PDF consist of 2+table I am using if statement for table 3+ available while extraction from pdf. While doing it I am getting this error. I request help me to find the solution.

Hi Majunu09,

I hope you are trying to check if there is any data present in the 3rd table of the dataset. if that is the case. Please use the below condition.

If condition –

@sharath.aengali , Looks good on writting but out is not expected its pasting table(2) value instead of table(3).

Please store the count of datasets into a variable and pass that variable into the tables(variable)

Hi @sharath.aengali ,
Done but same result table(2) rewritting on excel.

@Majunu09 What is the total count of tables in the dataset?

@sharath.aengali ,

On the pdf total 3 table consist + 1 with seperate data extraction totally 4 count of tables.

@Majunu09 Thanks for sharing the info… Is it possible to share the workflow file? I will look into the flow and provide you with more details.

@sharath.aengali do you need xaml file of it?

Main.xaml (47.3 KB)

I request any update from your-side, have you got any idea or did you look on to xaml file which shared as per your request.

Hi @sharath.aengali ,

Any update from your side.
Tables-converted.pdf (86.9 KB)
for more information i have shared pdf with tables.

@sharath.aengali , Thanks for your help I have found the solution. PDF_Extractionv1.1.xaml (793.3 KB)

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