How to add Single excel cell vallue with specific Key in Dictionary

I have added my Excel sheet data into Dictionary successfully, but there is one Merged cell who have two difrent value. So while fetching the data from Dictionary it is showing only one value.


Above screenshot is the scenario. In Dictionary it shows both values 164 & 888 but while returning it shows only 164.
So now I have decided to add 888 single cell value seperately into Dictionary. can anyone please advice me how to add the single cell value into existing dictionary.
attached it my test xaml file.
Main.xaml (129.8 KB) Book1.xlsx (271.5 KB)

@nilesh.mahajan What would you want it’s key to be ?

I want key as to be “Reschedule-Out Tolerance based on days” which is not present in excel. but I want to store cell C31 value in dictionary with this key

@nilesh.mahajan Inside the For Each you can use an If Condition to check if the value of that column is empty or not. If it is Empty then assign the value you want to the Key, else let it be the row value. Also I think for that you would need the Range from “C30”

There is no way to store only Cell C31 value into Dictionary with any key name?

@nilesh.mahajan Ok. You can do it :sweat_smile: You can use Read Cell Activity. Read that particular Cell and then you can use your Key and value to be assigned in the Following way using Assign Activity :
New_Dir(“Reschedule-Out Tolerance based on days”) = “outputFromReadCell”

But this shouldn’t be in a For Loop

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thnx for this help, it works

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