Add to Dictionary Activity is replacing the dictionary values in dictionary with latest values for all keys



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So i am trying to add key of type string and values of type list of string with add to dictionary activity. I am taking the data from a excel sheet continuously, below is the image each time Vendor_Name and List_ofvals has a different value. add%20to%20dict

when i am trying to add a new key and values for it The activity is replacing all the Dictionary values of all previously added keys with latest list values, please look into it
Thanks in advance
here is the file if you want to check it out
Main.xaml (17.9 KB)
VENDOR (1).xlsx (8.4 KB)

How to get and update the value of a dynamic key in a dictionary

@hari211, This solves your problem,

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Hi @hari211,

i have modified your code ,PFA.

Main (23).xaml (19.6 KB)



Thank you so much @Dominic this solved my problem


Thank you so much @arivu96 got it


can you please…how add excel sheet data to add the dictionary without using add to dictionary…only use assign activity…


Hi @anji526,
Use assign activity



Thanks arivu