How to create a dictionary from excel?

Hi guys, I have a excel, I want column A as key and other columns are values, as you can see the comment under column A is not unique, can anybody help me?

Attached is the excel and the comment is shown on the screenshot below.

LG_AttachConfirmationToBP 02-23-2021 070911 AM.xlsx (7.9 KB)

First of all, the key in the dictionary must be a seat, otherwise it will be meaningless. So you need to use other methods, such as adding index to the key value to distinguish, or using list < T > to read two columns of data, and then split them when using

By definition a key is unique. You’ll need to use list, or array. Perhaps read into datatable?

If the column A is duplicate comment I want to store the other columns into the relevant value, is there any way to achieve it?

don’t know what you mean. Do you want to use other columns as the value of key?
I think you can add index to the key value when use for each row, such asdictionary(“HGA1”)=row(2).tostring