How to add Saved Value to file name

I saved the date as a Saved Value and want to add it to my file name. How would I write the in the Expression Editor?

The date saved is not today. It is a date other than today.

@jessica.matthess - if you are trying to do this in StudioX …there is a easy to do it…

Could you please share the screenshot of the filename step ?


Ignore that I spelled “summary” wrong

@jessica.matthess - If you are planning to add today’s date to the file…then you can follow the below process…

The date I am adding is not today’s date. The date is from a pivot table that I saved as a Saved Value.


@jessica.matthess - okay…in that case, you are already doing it right…what is the error you are getting??? Please print the pivot date in the write Line before save as activity , just to make sure you are getting the right value…


Here is the error I am getting.

@jessica.matthess - thats why I suggested to print the pivot date in the write line activity first .

If your date as / symbol which is not allowed in the file name or path.


I guess I don’t understand what you mean by “in the write line activity.” please explain.

would this expression work?

@jessica.matthess - Since it is saved as excel value…you have to use .tostring before the replace

is it possible to share the xaml file ? so that I can take a look and fix it for you.

Added ToString before Replace. Error message says End of Expression expected. I do have double quotes at the end.



I was able to figure it out. I needed to remove the “.xlsx”. I just needed the Summary Report and saved value. Thank you!

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