Save a file with the current date step by step

I managed to get to the Save As window, and need to write to the " File name " the current date, how can I do that ?

Hi @mihai.godeanu ,

You can use the below formula


Hi @mihai.godeanu,

“yourFilePath” +“yourFileName_”+ Now.ToString(dd-MM-yyyy)
You can specify the format yourself.


Hi @mihai.godeanu


like if you are trying to save a excel file
"Test"+Now.ToString(“MMddyyyy”) + ".xlsx"


To be more clear , how can I type there the current date, step by step please , it’s my first rpa…

Hi @mihai.godeanu ,

You can use the type into activity and first indicate the field where you have to pass the current date and then you can pass the above mentioned values for saving it as current date

Also it will be better if you first refer some uipath tutorials for beginners for getting a better understanding

UiPath RPA Beginners Tutorial [2020] - YouTube

Hi @mihai.godeanu,

Welcome to the club :slight_smile: I prepared a simple type into for you, which includes the entry of today’s date.

Basic.xaml (6.4 KB)