How to add new features in licensed verion

Hi all,
community version had some new features like FORM, code workflow, but license version doesn’t have that features. how to add it, please support.

Community version studio

license studio

Hi @ananthitamilmani ,
What is your version?
I think licensed version have more feature with studio,
I have not tried licensed,
Can you check install packages

Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1

MY license version is

You can check package

You add them by installing a new version of Studio, there have been 2 LTS releases since your version.

Install 23.4 to get most of these features.
Coded workflows is included but will be disabled by default in 23.4

I expect it fully implemented in the upcoming 23.10 release.


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Nee features will be added whenever you upgrade to the required base version of the studio…

As you are on 22.4 most of the things you asked would not be available as they are included from 23.4…

So please upgrade the studio to get the latest version…and related options