How to add exctracted data table to newly added data column

i have scrapped the structured data from an e-commerce site consisting (product name[column1], product price[column2] and pasted the extracted data table in excel using write range activity. now I want the price of the products to be tracked and scrapped in data table after every hour and append updated price in excel sheet. now for the updated price column i have used add data column activity with column name[“price at”+DateTime.Now.ToString(“hh:mm:ss”)] till here every thing works properly but after this unable to figure out how to add updated price extracted data table to newly created column.
and can’t use for each row activity because there are approx 150 product so creating that much variable won’t work.

Don’t think of it as updating existing data. Just overwrite everything. Delete the existing file and create a new one with the current data.

I came across this issue recently. Add Data Column activity is used to add a new EMPTY column to a datatable. We can set a default value to the column, but to fill the data, some other method (like For each) has to be used. Please refer to the below post for further clarifications.

For your particular use case however, I would suggest extracting the updated price along with product name into a new datatable, and then use the Join Datatable activity to join the two data tables using product name as your joining criteria. This will automatically add the updated price column into the output datatable