How to add languages to ABBYY OCR (embedded)


I’m trying to use UiPath.AbbyyEmbedded package for getting text from my screen.
How can I add languages?

I’ve tried to add language files in FindReader SDK to the package folder, but it doesn’t work.
Is it not support other languages except English and Arabic?

go through this link it may help you!

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Kindly have a view in this

Cheers @swseo

Is it needed to get a license to use embedded ABBYY Engine?

I found the news that I can use the engine for free like below.

did you try using abbyyCloudOcr?

it’s only available on beta preview version which version you are currently using? @swseo

No, I’m trying to use Abbyy Screen OCR Engine.

Yes, it is. You should to install UiPath.AbbyyEmbedded.Activities package after checking “Including prerelease” on the package manger window.