Filter Excel Rows and Add to Queue

Hey, Everyone!

I am fairly close to having the correct setup but need a little help.

The situation: I am trying to exact a data table and filter it/export to excel and filter. Below is my data from excel. I want to find the rows that:
-Contain “Whlesale” in the Title
-Have a value of “Ready” in the Status column
-Have a Creation Date of the previous business day

What I have seems to complete but not export to queue:
-Read range and output(dtExportData)
-For Each Row in dtExportData
-Assign strStatus = “Ready”
-Get Row Item: row (ColumnName: “Title”) - Output: Arg_Title
-Get Row Item: row (ColumnName: “Status”) - Output: Arg_Status

If: Arg_Status.Equals(strStatus) AND Arg_Title.Contains(“Whlesale”)
-Then: Add Queue Item

Thanks in advance for the help!


Use Filter Datatable activity or use Select Query on Datatable to do this.

  1. First use Read Range activity to read that Data and will give you output as Datatable and say ‘yourDT’.

newDT = yourDT.Select("Title = ‘Whlsale’ AND Status = ‘Ready’ ").CopyToDataTable

Then use For Each Row to iterate this filter data and pass one by one item to add to Queue using Add Queue Item activity.

i am getting this error Assign: Syntax error: Missing operand after ‘NBR’ operator.

PONBRdt.Select(“PO NBR = ‘2937’ AND BIL2_ST = 'TX '”).CopyToDataTable

i have used like this