How to add Signature Image in a PDF File at specific location

The above screenshot is of a PDF File. I want to add a signature image above Authorised Signature tag as shown in the screenshot, How can I add it. Please help me out to this problem

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HI @sarvesh.b

Check out this Links and Video


Hey @sarvesh.b

If you have this in the word format, the same can be done.


How? Please Can you show me some example or provide me a .xaml file?

Hey Sarvesh,
I have the same requirement to insert the signatures(which are in png files) in pdf based on the text
Ex: Customer signature is my text in pdf, so i need to insert the png files in pdf,

Please let me know if you have the solution

Thanks in Advance

Hello @Vamsikrishna_Talam

Can you read the pdf document and addit to a word doxument ? In word document using bookmark you can add the image.

Then convert it to pdf.

every time the text will be available in different pages sometimes in page1 or page2 or page12

Any solution to this? I am having same issue.

Not yet looking for the right solution