How to add data in an excel sheet into existing excel sheet?

I have two excel workbook with the same headers for the sheets
how do i copy the data from one sheet in workbook a into the master excel sheet (workbook b). Sheet b currently has data in it already (e.g. the data ends at A10:K55), so when i add in the data from workbook a, it has to continue from A11 onwards.

Thank you.

Use Append Range Activity

Hi @miriam_ong

Read range the Both Excel suppose Dt1 and Dt2

use if condtion dt1.rows.count>0 Neglect This!!!


Append range the Dt2 Using the Dt1 file path in append Range.


Will you be able to show me how it is done? I keep getting an error - “one or more childrne have validation errors or warnings”

Hi @miriam_ong ,

To copy the worksheet from one workbook to another workbook.
you can use this activity.