How to add a transaction item after the first try failed

Sorry for the vague title, hear me out.

Im working on a project where I want to process certain invoices. All these invoices have an unique reference, I use this reference as the unique queue reference. Some invoices cant be handled by the robot (which is fine, I want to skip them) But the problem is, they stay in the list in my ERP system. So when my robot checks for new invoices, it first recognizes the invoice that couldnt be handled which then leads to an error because the invoice is already in the queue.

When the robot recognizes that an invoice is already in the queue, I want the robot to skip it. So basically:
Add transaction item → Faulted → Set of activities which skips the invoice → Add transaction item → continue with the workflow

Is there an solution for this problem?

Kind regards


There may be a couple of solutions for this.

  1. You may build a data table and filter out those that will not be processed by your bot.

  2. Use If activity and if a transactionitem should be processed by a person use Throw.

Hope this helps.


alright thanks, going to work on it!

Let me know if it works.