How to add a new row for new data table inside the for each activity of another data table

I need to add a new row for UtilData (DataTable name). Inside the for each activity of FilterDT( name of DataTable), I need to add new row for UtilData. But when I do it like this

But there arise error like

Can anyone please help me with answer

you can pass like row.itemArray in ArrayRow property

Hi @rifnanahas
Give the values in arrayrow property like

{name.ToString,PlannedHrs.ToString} and pass the datatatable value

Ashwin S

if you want particular column value
do this
Name = row(“yourColumnName”).ToString
then you can use name in add data row activity
{Name,PlannedHours} like this


in 2nd datatable foreach activity

add -> Add Data Row activity
in properties -> ArrayRow >
and provide first table name in DataTable field.

also check the variable scope and initialization of the first data table