How to add a row into an existing data table

I have a data table EmployeeList which contains the name,address and mobile of employees. Now there are new joinees in the organisation. Now I want to add the details of each joinee into EmployeeList data table.

Can anyone please help ?

where do you have details of new joinees?
like what is the source?

Storing name,address and mobile of each joinees into 3 string variables

If the source of the new joinees data is also from a datatable, you can merge the two datatables.
If its not a datatable, you can use Add Data Row activity for it.


okay cool
1 - Read Range and get output as outDataTable
2 - use For each Row to loop through datatable
3 - use Add Data row and pass those three string in array of row like{Str1,Str2,Str3} and give datatable as outDataTable
4 - use Write Range mention start of cell positon and outDataTable

Cheers @rifnanahas

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In that case inside For Each Row activity its showing an error like " For Each Row: Collection was modified; enumeration operation might not execute." what should i do to solve it.

so you have only one row value?in your string??

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yes, only one row need to add.

AddDataRow.xaml (6.2 KB)
Tried this working fine for me
try and let me know
Cheers @rifnanahas

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