How to add new row in existing datatable with using "ArrayRow" as Input

I have build one datatable with 7 columns. I have 7 values in different variables which is in loop extracted from web page. I have used ADD DATA ROW activity. I want to add those values in created datatable using ARRAY ROW as a input like putting variables as{var1, var2…} but everytime it is replacing earlier data and datatable is having only one row at the last.
Is there any solution to append arrayrow to existing dt.

Thanks for help.


If you are using add datarow activity inside for each then for arrayrow property in add datarow use row.itemarray and give a try.

Thanks for your reply.
But I am not adding row as it is… I am extracting values from webpage and storing them in variable and then adding row to new dt with ARRAY ROW {Var1, var2, var3… so on}…

Hi @7387023380

I think this is a similar scenario to yours…

Let me know if that doesn’t work for you