How to achieve drop-down a row which contains formulas

Hi guys,
i have met a problem of how to pull down the formula range in excel.Like this:
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If I understand the problem is with Excel Spreadsheet and want to apply in excel :
if you want to create a simple drop down. Go to Data -> Data Validation -> Allow (List) -> Select Range then drop down appears.
To pull down formula, simply you can drag the corner of the cell till the rows you desire to copy or Use Paste Special formulas or VBA code .

Hope it might help.

HI @PavaniDilip,
Thank you for your replay.Are u told me the implement method in excel file?And i want to know the method to achieve it with UIpath.If u know, please tell me.Thank u

Hello @kidding,

could you please try below files?

Main.xaml (15.7 KB)
results.xlsx (8.1 KB)

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Hi @Pankaj.Patil ,
It works! Except a little difference that my selector is like this:

Thanks a lot!

Hi Pavani,

I have one doubt,We need 15000 of records In excel,So if we select 1st two records 1 and 2 and drag with the 2nd row,By using automate is it possible to display 15000 records .