Drag down formula until last row of the column

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I have an excel sheet with a formula in the first column and I want to drag it down until the last row. How can UiPath do it? For testing purposes I show you a simple sheet and formula.
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For the drag the number u can use a simple ui automation with excel

But to get the sum better to do datatable manipulation in uipath

Hi @achalisma ,

You might try to use Double Click activity on this
Sol , but this is the least feasible option for your case

Better you should consider to read the range as a datable and, then to process the data as you want. Finally you will have to write back the range (which is containing all the processing you need)

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@achalisma, if you don’t want to perform DT manipulations, you can get the row count of the DT, run a loop and pass the formula dynamically like =B + counter (assume it’s 2) + C + counter. This will dynamically generate formulas and then when you write it, the formulas will automatically pick the values.

Thanks for answering @NIVED_NAMBIAR
How would that look like?

Hey @Marius_Puscasu
That is just an example of an excel sheet which explains the issue better. I actually have more data (like 500 rows) and I need to stretch my formula further when I get new data in my excel sheet.

How would I handle the datatable then?

Hey @monsieurrahul
but how would it drag the formula of A down then? Can you show it to me as a workflow?