Pass an argument in SetTransactionStatus - REFramework


I am invoking a workflow sendemail in Set Transaction Status of Reframwork for sending an error email. I want to pass a variable value as an argument in the sendemail.xaml which I am getting from process.xaml.

Can someone please help how can I pass the variable value from process.xaml to the sendemail.xaml workflow in SetTransactionStatus.xaml

I hope that I understood well.
Create a variabel in Main (ex: VAR)
Create an out argument in process.xaml (ex:out_VAR_process)
Create an in argument in sendemail.xaml (ex:in_VAR_sendemail)
When you invoke process.xaml in SetTransactionStatus.xaml assign the out_VAR_process to VAR
When you invoke sendemail.xaml in SetTransactionStatus.xaml assign the in_VAR_sendemail to VAR
And that’s it.

Just use in and out arguments with maybe some variable that will hold that value so you can pass them between Xaml files

Process.xaml is not invoked in setTransactionStatus.

Ok but it is not important that.
What you want to use further is an out argument and store it into a global variable (in Main) to use it in another workflow but this time stored into an in argument.

If is still not clear how arguments work please watch this video:

It was very helpful for me at that time.


I tried this but still it did not work. Looks like I am missing something :cry:


Make sure you create arguments in set transaction…xaml and save it… now from calling workflow in your case its sendemail.xaml, invoke set transaction.xaml and click on import arguments and now make sure you pass right values to the arguments and save. it will work…

Just found the reason that since I want to capture the detail when an exception occurs it is not storing the value in out argument. Can someone please suggest how can I pass the value as an out argument in case of error in workflow.

Was there any resolution to this? I am also struggling with passing an argument into Set Transaction Status from Main